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Sapphire Online 2020

Sapphire is a name that has come to symbolize the taste and desires of the modern Pakistani woman. One of the most high-profile brands on the fashion scene today, Sapphire’s smart and edgy designs are coveted by the haut monde of Pakistani society. Since its launch three years ago, Sapphire has made a solid name for itself with its high quality fabrics and its unprecedented designs inspired by both traditional and contemporary trends.

Sapphire Clothing 2020

Sapphire is the go-to high street brand for women in Pakistan. It also has a massive following among Pakistani women living abroad. Its prints are smart and trendy, yet highly comfortable. Colours range from bright and bold to soft and delicate. In the same way, the designs range from heavily embellished prints to simple and understated patterns. This helps the brand cater to all types of tastes and preferences locally and internationally.

At the crux of this eclectic brand lies diversity. When you step inside its doors, you are met with a stunning profusion of trends, styles and designs. Here, you will find all types of outfits, including casual, formal and party wear. The central ethos of Sapphire is to bring high quality fabrics to the masses at affordable prices. The brand is known for its innovation, creativity and attention to detail. Every outfit marketed under Sapphire upholds the quality, sophistication and aesthetics that have become its cornerstones. The brand has taken the traditional floral patterns and revolutionized them into something truly mesmerizing. Each outfit it creates brings something new to the table while, at the same time, upholding the beloved Sapphire aesthetic.

We at Libasco ship the trendiest outfits from Sapphire Pakistan to women living locally as well as overseas. Our extensive experience in the Pakistani textile industry helps us provide outstanding stitching services to customers at home and abroad. We have a large collection of Sapphire clothing in our online catalogue. This catalogue is updated regularly to ensure that you get access to the hottest designs by your favourite brand.

Our Sapphire online catalogue includes the most stunning prints from your favourite designer. Whether you are looking for something casual yet smart to wear to work, or whether you want an embroidered semi-formal for a wedding or a family gathering, we’ve got you covered. Our online store is full of the latest outfits from the Sapphire seasonal collections. All you need to do is choose a design, send in your measurements, and we will stitch and deliver your outfit to you in no time. So go ahead, check out our Sapphire collection and start your online shopping experience!

We stock gorgeous 3-piece suits from the Sapphire Eid collection. These outfits are beautifully decorated and come with satiny, flowing dupattas that bring out that quintessential Eastern look. The colours are a mix of warm and vibrant so that there is sure to be a design you’ll love. We stock the Intermix collection by Sapphire, which is truly a sight to behold with its fusion of styles, patterns and cuts. Our Sapphire catalogue is sure to appeal equally to the homemaker and the businesswoman. So no matter where you live, you will never be deprived of the latest Sapphire prints making headlines in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Head to our catalogue and browse the latest Sapphire prints in our collection!

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Very good and with a fast delivery service. I have had several suits made including mine and my 2 sisters eid suits for this year. Keep up the good work!
Rehila Ayub United Kingdom