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Sana Safinaz is the designer duo that should be fully credited with the merger of high-end fashion designers and the general public. These uncrowned queens of Pakistani fashion have long been designing clothes for brands like Gul Ahmed, Lakhani and Al-karam but in 2009 they whipped up something so unique that it literally created havoc on clothing stores they had never seen before.This was the beginning of an era where designers will create their own summer collections so that the general public can taste what designer wear looks like.

In today’s time, when everyone is offering their collections, Sana Safinaz still have their game untouched and unperturbed as they offer a unique pop of colors, eccentric prints and patterns and exquisite embroideries that are hard to be pulled by everyone one, only the OGs can do that. Sana Safinaz is the biggest chain of clothing brands that sells Pakistani dresses online in the most efficient way.

Sana Safinaz comes out with a range of collections that caters to people with limited budgets, the people who want to purchase something amazing and also for people who like to splurge on clothing.Their Muzlin collection that comes out 2 times every year is their affordable range but with no compromise on quality. They also have their main collections that are true to the original Sana Safinaz trademark embroideries, prints and colors.If you are drooling over these collections and don’t know how to get them stitched to perfection then order with Libasco and get satisfaction guaranteed. 


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    Sana Safinaz 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Green - LB285155
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    Sana Safinaz 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Pink - LB24120
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    Sana Safinaz 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Pink - LB23063
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    Sana Safinaz 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Pink - LB23062

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