Maria B

In the Pakistani fashion industry, Maria B is a name people resonate with class, elegance, style and panache. With each collection Maria B proves her credibility and her dominance in the industry. She has taken her brand to the top tier by doing professional photography, foreign locations and diverse models that shows her clothes are not restricted to a specific type of woman but women of all cultures, values, age and body type.
But it's not like all show and no go, in Maria B clothing you will find refined embroideries, exquisite embellishments, beautiful mix of colors and appropriate blend of quality with style. Maria B’s clothing brand has ventured into all kinds of clothing items, making sure that whoever enters her universe must find something to fit their taste and preference.

Maria B is the online Pakistani boutique that offers top quality designs at the most reasonable prices and no one can say that you have got it off the rack as they have details to die for which can be achieved by paying whopping numbers to designers. Not only will you find the season appropriate collections every year, you will also find special collections like for Eids, weddings, parties and even for Bridal wear.
Libasco is proud to be associated with such a prestigious brand and offer exclusive clothes from the designer that are further elevated by our custom stitching options. So if you are looking for exclusive designs that people will drool over then Maria B is the right choice for you.

  • NEW
    Maria.B 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Maroon - LB285166
  • NEW
    Maria.B 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Blue - LB285165
  • NEW
    Maria.B 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Maroon - LB285164
  • NEW
    Maria.B 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Pink - LB285163

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