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Khaadi Collection 2019

Your wardrobe is incomplete without Khaadi clothes. Fill it with the latest Pakistani clothes collection from Khaadi online store. Our stitched Pakistani women's dress collection will give you stylish and adorable look for any occasion. Buy a ready to wear Khaadi suit from Khaadi 2018 collection.

Khaadi Online Store

Libasco is a leading supplier of Khaadi clothing, which is a top Pakistani fashion house. We have a broad catalogue of trendsetting Khaadi prints for you to choose from. We make it very easy for women living the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia to buy the latest fashions in Pakistan with minimum hassle and inconvenience.

We have the trendiest unstitched designs from Khaadi and add them to our ever-expanding catalogue. Our customers then select the outfit(s) they want, send us their measurements, and we get the fabric stitched according to their specifications. It’s that simple! So simply choose your Khaadi suit and buy online now!

We have large warehouses for storing our fabrics, as well as an extensive distribution network in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada for fast shipping to our customers’ doorsteps. So you never have to worry about delayed shipments and get your Khaadi suit on time!

Since its launch in 1998, Khaadi has become one of the leading fashion houses in Pakistan. The brand is loved for its elegant prints, eclectic designs and bright colours. But what has made Khaadi a cult favourite is that its outfits appeal to every taste and fit every occasion. You will find intricately designed, heavily embroidered formals that are ideal for weddings but, at the same, you will come across smart yet minimalist prints that are perfect for working women.

Quality is one of the most prized benchmarks at Khaadi Pakistan and it is also something that we emphasize here at Libasco. Khaadi’s garments are handwoven and conform to the highest quality standards. Whether you are looking for semi-formals or casuals, you can be sure that you will get fabrics that retain their look and texture for a very long time. No matter what your taste, Khaadi’s broad appeal ensures that you will find something you like right here at Libasco.

We stock the hottest pieces from Khaadi’s seasonal collections. Our catalogue is updated regularly to ensure that, no matter where you live, you are not deprived of the designs that are dominating Pakistan’s dynamic fashion scene. From hot reds to smoky greys, from midnight blues to sunny yellows to jet blacks, our catalogue is full of colours that will appeal to every taste and every sensibility. We guarantee it!

Most important of all, we are experts when it comes to stitching high quality womens’ fabrics. We know exactly what our customers want and have designed our business around fulfilling that desire.

We stock the latest Khaadi designs straight from the runways, stitch them into beautiful outfits and deliver them at your doorstep. Our catalogue is very diverse and includes all the latest trends being worn by Pakistani fashionistas. We understand it can be hard to find good quality stitched outfits in your specific size where you live, so we have made it our aim to provide you with exactly that. Finding the right size can also be a big hassle. Libasco effectively eliminates all these problems by buying unstitched fabrics from Khaadi and stitching them according to your specifications.

Our system is designed for your utmost convenience. Instead of heading out to the stores and buying ill-fitting or mediocre quality garments, you can get your dream design stitched by us and delivered right at your door. Go ahead and browse our stunning Khaadi collection and select your favourite designs at leisure.

We welcome you all to browse through our Khaadi online store and get your outfits stitched by our skilled tailors. Whether you want a two-piece or a three-piece, we make sure to deliver high quality garments that suit your specifications perfectly.


Customer Reviews
Very good and with a fast delivery service. I have had several suits made including mine and my 2 sisters eid suits for this year. Keep up the good work!
Rehila Ayub United Kingdom