Jazmin is a budding name in the Pakistani fashion industry, it has become a trusted brand in a very short time. The consistent quality, the zest to bring something new to the table, the urge to make everyone feel special in designer wear without the hefty price and the beautiful designs have caught everyone’s attention on this brand. They offer a large variety of clothing that covers everything from casual pret wear to luxury pret wear.

They also offer formal unstitched options that are fit for a bride to wear on her special day. They also come up regularly with their seasonal collection so that you always come out to their store happy and satisfied. Libasco has an elaborated variety from Jazmin so that you can order yourself their best pieces and designs with customized stitching in any part of the world. So if your style is exquisite, classic yet chic then Jazmin is your perfect clothing partner along with our expert stitching!

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