Most Popular Women Dress Colors for the Year 2017

Posted by Libas Expert on Mar 30th 2017

The color palette for the year 2017 is a mixture of colors that are vivid bright to the colors that give a taste of earthiness. One of the most important things about the  color palette for 2017 is that we can see an innovative twist to the traditional colors; the hues are those which normally surround us in nature. The summers in Pakistan are extremely hot, with temperatures ranging from 35 degrees to 45 degrees; the color palette had to be very close to nature. Otherwise, the sharpness or the other-worldliness of the palette might have been daunting to wear.

The year started with the launch of Junaid Jamshed collection. They named the collection “Apna Andaaz” and true to the title, the collection is its own identity. The cuts, the designs and of course the color palette is contemporary yet a tradition. The collection is filled with dark and bright hues to light and pastel hues. One thing which we won’t be able to see in the Junaid Jamshed collection is dull shades. The lightest colors imaginable are present in the collection but they are not dull.

One of the biggest fashion house in Pakistan namely, Alkaram launched its collection early in the year as well. Though, the time they launched their collection was not that hot, but still, their colors can be easily  worn all summers long. Ink blues, moss greens, earthy tones as well as tones belonging to the red and pink family are in abundance in the spring/summer 2017 collection. The embroidery and the embellishments don’t take a backseat in the dresses, rather they contrast beautifully with the print and stand out prominently.

Similarly,  Gul Ahmed, which is presumably one of the biggest and oldest fashion house, has also used colors which are soothing to the eye. Unlike last year, pastels colors are no more in fashion. This year, the designers have opted for bold colors instead of pastels. One thing which is common almost in every collection is the use of big floral prints. Large printed flowers on the dupattas look extremely beautiful and blend with the hot season very well.

Elan, Maria B, and Faraz Manan also went for the very bright colors to color their dresses. The colors can easily correspond with fruits and natural colors. I saw the shades of buttercream, candy floss, pomegranate red and they look gorgeous! It’s not about being subtle anymore; it’s about standing out and opening up. The year 2016 was revolutionary for the women empowerment. Many influencers decided to speak up and feminist were having a mayday. I feel that the designers have picked a bolder palette for the year 2017 because they want the women to walk front stage this summer. They want them to be bold and not hide somewhere in the background in the hot weather. I am sure, we will be able to see women full of colors, standing out and speaking for themselves this summer. Women, this summer is about yourself, wear whatever colors you like and stand out!