Asim Jofa 3 Piece Custom Stitched Suit - Green - LB25429


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We at Libasco try to make your dress as closer as possible to the model picture. We guarantee 100% original branded dress however there can a slight difference between your stitched outfit and the model picture because:

  • 1)Sometimes the accessories like buttons, jewelry & embroidery patches shown in the photo does not come with the dress packaging we receive from the brand manufacturer.
  • 2)The color shades of the dress can also be slightly different because during the photo shoots they use heavy lighting that makes it look different.

We accept the returns only if we delivered you the wrong item or if our outfit was not stitched according to your provided measurements. Please make sure you provide us the correct measurement.

Iqra Aziz embodies the essence of Rung surrounded by beautiful colors with the golden sun bathing her in its glow.Taking a leaf from past this design combines the richness of colors with antique gold zari & sequins used with deep magenta thread creating this intricate design. The borders take inspiration from age old chatapatti stylized in embroidery rendered in two colored zaris with sequins sprawled on a contrast silk deep fuchsia base. It comes with a lushly embroidered chiffon dupatta & dyed trouser.
Fabric (3pc):
Shirt: Lawn
Trouser: Cotton
Dupatta: Chiffon


  • 1 Embroidered center panel on lawn (W=11 H= 42")
  • 2 Embroidered side panels for front on lawn (W=8" H=42")
  • 2 Embroidered side panels for back on lawn (W=8" H=42")
  • 1 embroidered Back center panel on lawn (W=11" H=42")
  • Sleeve all over embroidery (W=19" H=20" each) on lawn
  • 30" thin border on silk for sleeve hem
  • 30" thick border on silk for sleeve hem
  • 60" embroidered border for front & back on silk
  • 2.5 m embroidered chiffon dupatta
  • 1.5 m dyed cotton trouser (wide width)